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One Year Ago: a boring post

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One year ago I wrote my first post on this blog. It is a really boring first post. Probably a bit like this one currently is. My blog has changed a lot in the year. I did 172 posts in 2013 and I have over 6000 views now. I hope my writing has improved, I think it has.  I have written blogs, poems and posted photos. My photography has improved too. So speaking of photography I think that is what I shall end this post with and in my point of view make it no longer a boring post. 

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  1. Congratulations! :) And I love your pictures--good job. You must have had the aperture pretty high (or is it low? I can't remember) to get the backgrounds so nicely blurred.

    1. The smaller the F number (aperture) the more blurred the background is (The smaller the area that there is in focus).

  2. What beautiful birds and landscape - God's creation is simply amazing! And it's sweet to see cockatoos in the wild.