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Talking About Maths Again

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If you happen to like maths you may wish to leave, because this may offend you. I do not, I repeat I do NOT like MATHS! Yes we are back to school, and back to maths. 

Maths is evil… I have no idea why I talk about it so much though??? (probably because I want others to agree with me about it, I find it amazing that some don’t). Yes there are actually some people who *gasp* like maths??? I really don’t get how anyone could like it. But one thing I hate more than doing maths is not being able to do it and having to put in the wrong answers (even mummy couldn’t work out how to do it). But I had a plan. 

Maths Online (what I do for maths) normally gives a bank of about 26 options for answers, so you have to enter the correct letter for each question number. There were only a few questions in today’s maths and if I got two wrong I’d get a really bad score (something else I don’t like, but then no one likes that). So I made an educated guess and worked out the questions backwards… I picked a likely answer and started with it. which I am not supposed to do, but in this case it didn’t matter. Not really anyway. And I guessed correctly, both times! So I got all the questions right and won the battle of the day, week actually. Maths has been crushed into the ground for now! Yes….until Monday anyway ….

Often I do guess the answers, but I also have no idea how to actually get them. Mummy insists I must work them out… It can take a long time (and usually has to involve Mum helping). Especially if I did the other thing I did today and do every single bit of my schoolwork, before I went back to doing my maths… Annoyingly it was still there when I couldn’t think of any other ways of procrastinating. But it is done now!

And a random photo, "Sparkling Sunset" which is much nicer than what I have been talking about. 

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