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Welcome 2014

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This morning I went outside at about 5:50 and as I wandered around I heard a rooster. I thought it sounded close, like it came from the chook pen.  It couldn't be one of my two little roosters, could it? I have only twice before heard one of them (Aragorn) give some fairly quiet squeeky noises. Then the rooster crowed again and I knew it came from the chook pen. Later the crowing started again and this time I saw Aragorn crowing. Not really loud..... YET.... But he certainly sounded like a proper rooster welcoming in 2014.

I am also getting two more pets in 2014.....that would go in the poultry category..... but as I do not yet have any photos of them, I am not going to tell you what they are.... and I can't take any photos till tomorrow, because they aren't here yet...the birds/pets that is.

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