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How To Not Cook Rice

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We have a rice cooker. It is normally so much easier to put it on than cook rice the other way..... in a saucepan....well actually it has been so long since we cooked it another way I forget how to. We often eat rice so I have a lot of experience in putting on the rice cooker. I thought I would mention some really good ways to not cook rice. It is surprisingly easy

Warning: Do not try this at home, it could result in a very hungry family and a rather late tea/dinner.

1. Forget to put it on entirely
Result: The rice does not get cooked

2. Forget to plug it in
Result: The rice does not get cooked

3. Forget to press start
Result: The rice does not get cooked

4. Press start and plug it in, but forget to push the plug that joins the cord, to the cooker, in properly.
Result: The plug falls out half way through cooking, rice does not get cooked, well not properly cooked.

5. Forget to put any water in with the rice
Result: The rice does not get cooked (but surprisingly the cooker and the rice still work)

6. Your little brother opens the lid half way and forgets to close it
Result: The rice possibly does not get cooked, it depends how long it stays that way for.

7. Put way too much water in
Result: The rice does get cooked, but is in the form of a gluggy lump.

So there you are, those are all the different ways we cook our rice. Oh we do often remember to do everything right, well normally. 

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  1. :) Thanks for sharing. It was a highlight to my day.

    We have a rice cooker, and since it didn't come with an instruction booklet (we got it used and anyway it would probably be in Korean or something) Mum's having fun experimenting with it. I think we've only had a few fails so far. :)