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I have finally finished making some cool looking coasters. I am not sure what I am going to do with them...well put them under cups I suppose... except we mostly never use coasters. Anyway I thought I'd tell yall how to make them.

You will need: Some old coasters or some coaster sized bits of wood (I bought a rather ugly looking set from an op shop for about 50c). Paint, I used white, purple and most importantly gold. Paint brushes, a sponge, hair spray, tissues and some paper. I think that is all, maybe.

First make sure the wood is clean (if it isn't clean it), then paint the tops and of the coasters white. A few layers may be needed to cover up whatever other colour is underneath. You will have to let the paint dry between layers.  

When that is all dry get the purple paint and a sponge, now sponge on the purple, messy is best. Leave some patches of white. I only had a dark purple colour so I mixed it with white first but I left a bit of the dark purple unmixed so there are a few splots of darker purple. Let it dry

If you want you could splatter some more white on the coasters with a tooth brush, I didn't. Now you will need the gold paint, (which was the reason for my great delay in finishing the coasters). Next you should paint the edges, they may also need more than one layer. This is the part where one gets gold all over ones fingers. 

When the edge is done, get some tissues handy. Now splot/dot a few circles of gold paint on the top, randomly. When the coaster is done, press a tissue onto it to remove excess paint. (Obviously this needs to be done before the paint dries). 

Now let the paint dry. Lastly spray them with hair spray, I'm not sure if any hair spray works, but the idea is to coat the paint so it is no longer sticky, it helps the paint to stay on and makes the surface slightly smother. If you hate hair spray as much as I do, make sure you spray them outside and don't bring the coasters back into your room for a few days. HAIR SPRAY IS DEADLY. (well I think so). I totally do not understand how people could use it anywhere near their head/hair.

 After waiting those few days, there you have them. Each coaster is unique but they all look very similar. You can also do variations with a colour other than purple, but I like purple, so I used purple. 

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