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120 Driving Hours

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I now have my 120 hours of driving experience. Well actually I had that a while ago, but have been too lazy to blog about it. In NSW a L plater must log (record in their log book) 100 hours of daytime driving and 20 hours of night time driving, before they can progress to Ps. They also have to have held their Ls for 12 months which I have not done. 

Just a totally random photo I took while on holidays over christmas

I have done quite a bit of driving recently and since I already have my 120 hrs we have decided not to bother recording all the short trips we do. It so nice not to have to remember to write down all the things we had to put in the log book, every time we get in the car. 

I do prefer driving to not driving most of the time, but I still do start to go ahhhh when we get to some huge round about, there are four busy lanes of traffic going the same way or when I have to get out of the second story parking at the shopping centre. I once drove up to the second story in our old car (before we had to get another with more seats). That time only Mummy and I were in the car. The thing that makes it really scary is all the marks from other cars that were not in the right position and couldn't turn fast enough, so scraped along the wall. (the turn is really sharp) Then yesterday Mummy happened to be driving and she parked up there. After we had done all the shopping I offered to drive and Mum said I could. So I did. Then I realized we were on the second story! "Noooooo, ahhh, I forgot we were up here." Mummy and my siblings found it rather funny... I did not. Nevertheless I didn't actually have any trouble getting down the ramp. 

Just a totally random photo I took while on holidays at the farm

Another sorta strange thing was that the car parked behind us happened to be our old car. Someone said how it looked a lot like it, and then we saw the number plate and knew it was our old car! The only car I'd ever driven up to the second story before. 

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