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A Morning Walk

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I went for a wander this morning, just enjoying the rain smell. I took a few photos and thought I'd post some of my favourites...

Tis a real bird nest.... with my little australorp chooks eggs in it..
 If any of those looked particularly interesting please comment and tell me and if you can say why that would be great too.

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  1. I love the tilt-shift effect on some of those pictures (that's what it's called, right?). It's so beautiful...I love trying to get the blur just right. :)

    1. I hadn't heard of the tilt shift effect. But I looked it up and it seems to be that... except in nearly all the things I looked up, that effect was added with Photoshop. I do like the narrow depth of field (Tilt shift effect) in the shots (so the background is blurred and sometimes foreground too).