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Shoes: Thing Holders

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We were looking through shoes today, to try find some that would fit one of my brothers so I have had shoes on my mind. Shoes and brothers… which generally mean the shoes won’t stay empty for long, though not all of the things our family but mostly me for some reason has found in our shoes.

Frogs; these are rather squishy wet things to find in shoes but they are rather noticeable. This event occurred bb (before brothers) so they can’t be blamed. The frog took a liking to my sister Alice’s shoe.  

Socks; this happens to everyone not only me, but the socks are not always mine that I find in my shoes. Apparently my joggers, if left outside, are a perfect place for putting little boys socks so they don’t blow away…

Cricket bats; these at least are very noticeable… I think my shoes are so attractive because they are gumboots and most things inside are only found after I have withdrawn my foot…

Balls; golf balls, hand balls, big balls that are really hard to pull back out.

Rocks; smallish sharp ones from the driveway are preferred.

Sand; I love my brothers.

Shells; but sometimes it gets annoying.

Sticks; why??? do my shoes look like a stick holder????

Water: is about the most annoying thing…. As by the time I have got my foot out, my socks are already soggy and it can take ages for the gumboots insides to dry. Even more annoying when water is about the last thing I’m expecting, and I only took the gumboots off for two minutes while I got something inside. I came back out and 'someone' had already used a spray bottle to make my boots just soggy enough to give my socks a nice wetting.
water also has a way of flooding into gumboots if they have a hole in them or one wades just a little too deep into the dam/creek.

Centipedes; I understand how it got in the time my boots were lying sideways…. But I still don’t understand how it got in when they were upright…. Maybe it could have dropped off the roof or wall…I don’t think my brothers would be brave/silly enough to pick up one. 

Spiders; or just their webs, they put themselves in.

Feet; when I’m wearing my shoes my own. Occasionally other peoples feet too… in my shoes. little brothers feet and legs inside their big sisters shoes does make a comic sight.

Nothing…air; which may mean something miraculous has happened or I was standing in mud and the boot got left behind. So I shall have to hop around in the water trying to pull it out without getting muddy and wet. Success is not always the result....

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  1. Lol, it would be funny to find a frog in your shoe but I hate it when spiders build webs in my shoes, ick. One time I left my farm jacket on the porch over the summer and then I went to wear it one cold day and found that a bee had built a nest in it. Of course I had to find that out AFTER I put the jacket on. :) And water is so annoying when it gets in your shoes or when you are wearing sandals and you step in puddle then you are slipping around on your wet sandals now.


    1. Yep wet/muddy (or cow poo) sandals are not at all nice.

      Did you get stung by the bee?

    2. Lol no thankfully. I felt something buzzing around and threw the jacket off as fast as I could. Thankfully my big brother was standing there the get rid of both the bee and the nest. The bee had actually eaten a hole in my jacket lining to make its nest.:)