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My Blue Orpington Rooster

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Ages ago I got some week old chickens. Ever since then they have been getting bigger,  and bigger. Now they are nearly fully grown.

I have sold (well given away) the Speckled Sussex Rooster. Other than him though I bought 2 australorps and an araucana.... They were all pure bread too...maybe. My araucana does not look at all like an araucana anymore. The older he got the more I though he looked like some sort of Orpington.... I hoped he wasn't... he was. Still he is pretty even if he is a Blue Orpington Rooster and not an araucana. 

Aragorn (my rooster) looks the same as the photos I get of Blue Orpington Roosters when I search for them on Google images. Though some of those chooks are hens and a few of them look more like australorps.. but the majority of them look just like my "araucana" rooster. Who does in real life look slightly darker grey than he does in these photos of him..

My two australorps are what they are meant to be. They have grown into beautiful black-green hens, and they will come up and hop all over me if I let them.

I have also finally found a way to tell them apart. Their combs are slightly different "Microsoft" has less spikes in her comb (red thing on her head) than "pipi". So I have found out that it is Microsoft who is still intent of flying out of the chook pen. They have both started to lay. One of them lays huge eggs and the other lays bantam sized eggs! As of yet I'm not sure which is laying the big eggs. I tried consulting the eggs but they didn't reply (only joking (yes the eggs actually talked to me(not))).

So that's all for the update on my little chickens that grew into chooks.

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