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Things That Scare Me: sort of

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~When I realize this is my 200th blog post!

~When Mummy says I only have eight more weeks of school left! Meaning eight more weeks being registered ,then the Board of Studies doesn’t care what I do, so I am no longer technically a student. But I shall still keep doing mostly the same things. And it does not mean I get to stop maths….mores the pity...... (less than eight weeks now)

~When Jane (my little sister) says “I will be 18 when Ann starts school”. I thought gosh that would make me …..

~When a friend of mine sends a photo of her holding one of her friends new baby… that is really scary.  

~When my dad comes home from work saying one of his friends wants me to do a photo shoot for his family! Exciting too, but scary.

~When I realize I can get my Ps in May

~When I spend two hours on the phone with a friend talking about when we were little and before she moved away, and about different times she has spent the day with me while being back here for a short time.

And if you wanted to know some other things I’m actually scared of or that make me scared…. This could be dangerous…. or maybe I'll just keep those things secret....

Snakes, well I hate them and I have had a few close encounters with deadly snakes, I certainly don’t go running screaming though. I want to destroy snakes. but then maybe I'm too scared of them to do that.... I tried once....and missed.... well actually I'm not sure I didn't stay around long enough to find out.

Bees burrowing into my hair....truly not a nice feeling especially when I'm expecting at every moment for one of them to sting me.

Huge bugs that I can’t identify, that keep flying around and around my head.  I fixed that problem by running and since no one else was there, no pride loss…. Except for the fact that I just wrote it there…. Which is probably a silly thing to do, but I shall be able to laugh even when there is no one else to laugh at, because I shall always have me to laugh at!

Hitting the ground. Falling would be fine if you knew you would never hit anything, it would be like flying really fast….I think. though I don't like the sound of flying fast towards unless I was in space.... never mind.

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  1. Bees, hair... Not fun. Even with short hair. I can also agree with falling, but space wouldn't be fun. Either falling towards earth or heading away.

    1. Space might be fun..... well maybe not...but one could imagine it to be, but of course imagining has no bearing on reality.

  2. LOL. I would love to go sky diving, that's falling really fast. Or it would be fun to go up into the atmosphere just far enough so you can float.


    1. Only problem with sky diving would be that one is still falling towards something.... floating sounds nicer.