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Plane Disappears Leaving No Trace

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This week I wrote my current events report (for school) on the disappearing plane. I found it difficult not from lack of information but from the information being conflicting, one web page would say something and another something else. Anyway to the report.

The headlines currently flashing across the entire world are all concerned with the disappearance of a plane from a Malaysian airline. The plane took off carrying 239 people, mostly Chinese but also a few Australians, Americans and some other nationalities.  The plane left Kuala Lumpur International Airport at about 12:41am on Saturday. 

The plane’s last transmission was initially said to be four hours after take-off then it suddenly dropped out. Now officials are saying they lost contact around 1:20 am. Since then nothing confirmed has been heard or seen of the plane. No distress calls were picked up. China released a few blurry pictures satellites had taken, but they could have been anything floating on the ocean. A New Zealand man working on an oil rig also claims to have seen a burning object fall into the sea. But still nothing is confirmed.

Many planes, helicopters and boats are searching an area, approximately the size of India, where the plane may have crashed. There are many theories of what could have happened. They range from the plane being hijacked, landed and the passengers being held hostage somewhere, to engine failure. Because of the lack of evidence no possibility is being ruled out. 

Two of the people on board carried fake passports; they could have been terrorists, or just another two of the unlucky passengers on board. No one is even sure what direction the plane was taking. The plane was heading east over the South China Sea when it disappeared (lost contact), but authorities believe it may have turned back, flying then into the upper reaches of Malacca Strait. The plane’s destination was Beijing China.

Lies are abounding, one article, using an old photo of a plane that crashed into the sea in 2013, claimed the missing plane had been found. On the Tuesday after the plane disappeared the head of the Malaysian armed forces was reported as saying that the military radar picked up the plane at 2.40am. Now he denies ever saying such a thing. Someone is not telling the truth. In the past countries have accidentally shot down aircraft like in July 1988 the US navy missile cruiser accidentally shot down an Iran Air flight and in September 1983 a Russian shot down a Korean Air Lines flight.

For now the search continues. Many people still hope the passengers may be alive, but most doubt it. The whole world wants to know why and how though. Hopefully those questions will be answered sometime in the near future. 

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