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Awkward: A little Bit of Laughter

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So here comes another Awkward post, because laughter is so good. It’s one of the world’s cheapest medicines. Laughing at yourself is even better, though it may not be quite as cheap as normal laughter, but as a medicine it is even more potent. If you can laugh at your self at the time then even better, you get double the laughs. A laugh for when it happens and another when you remember it. If you happen to remember it again you can laugh again too. So here they are.

And just so you know who it laugh at :D

When some relatives from England stop by and they are introduced to us and ask our ages, my sisters say they are 12 and 14. Then the relative says “so you are in-between then” to me… Why must Alice be so much taller than me….. People sometimes seem to assume just because Alice is taller she is older….

When I’m holding someone’s baby and someone else come up and thinks the baby is my little sister. This has been happening a lot with all the new babies at church. 

When I try and sit (fast) on a chair and the chair flips over and I go on the floor. Then I can’t get up because I’m laughing so much. 

Playing handball, which in itself is a stupid idea. I am far too slow and miss the ball nearly all the time. Then one time after I miss I chase the ball. I have socks on and skid along the tiled floor, crinkle up the mat and finally come to rest in a door way. Also I’m laughing so much that I’m crying.  The two younger kids I’m playing with are trying not to laugh and are not sure if I am ok or what they should do…. Even writing this makes me laugh again. laugh a lot.

When I say the wrong word and don’t notice... Like; “Joshua cut up the entire bag of potatoes” instead of “Joshua cut up the entire bag of mushrooms”.  Or when I’m telling my sisters about a book I’m reading and say the name of the most evil enemy, instead of the name of the good character that I meant to say……Especially if I don’t notice I said it. (This is a really good way to seriously confuse people about a book)

When I meant to write; “get all those banners handed out.” But instead I write; “get all those bananas handed out …..”

When someone tells me their name and I forget instantly. Or worse I have known someone for a while and every time I look at them I forget their name… a really simple easy name yet I constantly forget it. I can remember it now…now that I am not talking to them.

When playing cards and I deal out the whole of the double pack and then realize I didn’t deal for enough people so I have to deal all over again.

God Bless ~Clare
When I read something “4 out of 3 people struggle with maths” I look at it and try and work out what is so funny about it….. for ages… then I laugh

“If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane.” 
~ Robert Frost

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  1. Yeah... I can relate to a lot of those... only for me, if I'm holding one of my sisters or another baby, people usually think that it is my baby - AWKWARD!!! My regular stuff-ups are when I know what I am trying to say and it makes perfect sense in my head, but as soon as I try and spit it out, it gets all muddled up and I set everyone laughing - except myself because I am still trying to explain what I really meant... :P

    1. Yes..."my baby" I do sometimes wonder if that is what people are thinking when I'm pushing Joshua in the trolley with the shopping from one shop to the car (while Mummy continues with the rest). Or when I'm watching my brothers climb all over those car or whatever other shaped vehicle things that are outside the shops.