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Awkward: More Laughter

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When I start laughing…sometimes it is not even that funny.. but I can’t stop…. I think I have finally managed to stop then someone else giggles and it starts all over again. and again and again.

When some of the music team is playing during communion. Then afterwards one of them decides on the spot to sing part of one of the songs again. I was on singing and had been singing, but I had no idea if I was meant to go up and sing then… In the end I didn't. I just stood there thinking, "I was meant to go up wasn't I?"

My mum asks me to hang out the washing some time while she is out shopping, I am doing my maths…I think, I’ll try finish it first…. When mummy comes back….yes well I totally forgot. A few weeks later the same thing happens….. exactly the same thing… except when mummy gets back she is like; “Didn’t I ask you to do something” and only then did I remember…. So next time she goes out she says, "It is probably no use asking you to do anything" and I reply, that this time I really wont forget and will do it right now..... Then she tells me she is only joking and doesn't need anything doing....

When I am walking back up the steps from getting in the washing carrying the basket…. I am also wearing a rather long denim skirt…… we have steps…and I trip on my skirt. Trip completely.

When I realize I am singing something and everyone is listening to me…and I didn’t realize I was singing in the first place. 

Checking the mail on a weekend…. But I’m sure it’s not just me!

When I just can’t pronounce a word… no matter how hard I try…. The one I really hate is “quay/quayside” seriously if they want to pronounce it key then write it as key! Well at least my sisters know what I am talking about when I say quay…. Spelling ahh.

When writing letters and I’m trying to remember if I have actually told this particular person about particular event, then I decide I didn’t, so write about it…. Then remember that I did actually….. and well…scrap that bit of paper and start all over again… which I suppose is better than not realizing it.

After I took these photos and mummy is asking what I was doing...taking photos of the clock or something... why not just come inside... "I was taking photos of me, well my reflection... and trying to convince the camera to actually focus on the glass and not things in the room.

When I look at the letter I just wrote and wonder if the person it is for will even be able to read it... The letter starts sorta neat, but by the end.....

When my sister is staring at me and asks why a have a praying mantis on my head…. What’s more I actually do and she didn’t put it there… though she is fond of putting things on peoples heads...

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  1. Lol I know what you mean about laughing. Sometimes I just can't stop laughing and I end up crying. :) And as for not being able to pronounce words, I had a hard time saying 'specific' for the longest always came out 'pacific'.