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The Beauty of a Cow Pat

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Ok a cow pat is not the most beautiful thing, and neither are flies, but if you look closer you may be surprised. Beauty can be found in the smelliest things. 

As I walked through the paddock today all the oldish cow pats could be located from far off by the white fungi that had popped up out of them. I thought how amazing that a smelly old cow pat could make just the right place for these pretty white fungi to grow in. 

The more fresh cow pats had a different beauty on them.  Flies are annoying and usually fairly plain, but while walking today I cam across some that were not so. 

Small green things glittered from the muck, like tiny emeralds. If I came up to them too fast they would all disappear in a big buzz, but if I approached slowly they would stay. 

Their shiny bodies reflecting back different colours from the light spectrum, yellow, green, blue and turquoise. 

Their transparent wings looked so perfect, and their eyes were a strange orange colour. 

I couldn't help but see that the flies were a beautiful part of God's creation he wants us to enjoy. Normally they are annoying, but they can be beautiful too. 

The dry cow pats in the paddock didn't contain any wonders but I do know from experience that they are also really good missiles. So there is something good in every cow pat!

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  1. Very cool. We have those same green flies so I think they must be like a poo fly or something. Dry cow pats and road apples are good missiles and I have heard that you can start a fire with the dry ones. :)