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Lord Of The Rings Interview

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Who introduced you to Lord of the Rings? My Dad, he has read them aloud to my sisters and I.

How many times have you read Lord of the Rings? I think I’m reading them for the third or fourth time, I’m not exactly sure.

Who is your favourite character? Aragorn or Sam.  I like the mystery of Aragorn, the humility, knowledge and his often hidden, glory. I like how he has so many names too; Strider, Estel, Ranger of the North,  Aragorn son of Arathorn, elf stone, Elessar, heir of Isildur, sixteenth Chieftain of the Dúnedain and King Elessar Telcontar of Gondor. I like Sam because he is so faithful and also funny at the darkest of times.

What people are your favourite? The elves. They are so mysterious and beautiful. Their history is so rich.

Who of the fellowship do you most relate to? Probably one of the hobbits, and probably not Sam or Frodo. 

Have you ever wanted to travel to middle earth? Yes… and see the elves

If you could travel to anywhere in middle earth for a week where you go? Lothlórien, for though memories may be but a mirror at least I would have memories…. Except of course that middle earth does not even exist *goes away to cry*. 

What choice in LOTR do you think was the hardest? Frodo’s choice to not throw the ring into the fire, maybe. I think that because he made the wrong choice and to do that he went against himself, he denied what he knew to be true and let the power and evil of the ring take hold of him. 

What Tolkien books do you own? The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Rings, The Silmarillion and Tales From The Perilous Realm.

What other Tolkien books have you read? The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Tales From The Perilous Realm, The Legend of sigurd & Gudrun. 

Is there any book about Tolkien or his books you would recommend? I enjoyed reading “Finding God in the Lord of the Rings” by Kurt Bruner & Jim Ware. It is only a rather short book but good.

Do you think the books are better than the movies? Of course!
Why? Tolkien’s stories are good, really book but his writing is better and together they are amazingly powerful. I think when his writings are made into movies this is lost. Also they change the story in the movies. And in the Hobbit they have changed the characters of some of the characters, which I don’t like them doing.  
What poem from Lord of the Rings is your favourite? Well there are a lot that I like, but I have memorised ‘Lúthien Tinúviel’ which is the poem about the lay of Lúthien and Beren, so I suppose I must like it a lot. 

If you also enjoy Lord of the Rings feel free to use the questions which I had to make up since I couldn't find any elsewhere and I wanted to do this sorta blog post on LOTR. If you think of any other questions ask me in the comments. 

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