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More Fly Eyes

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This morning I realized I had taken next to no photos this week which is rather strange. As I have been putting seven photos on Facebook every week for a few years, I couldn't stop now. So I went outside and went photo hunting. And found some very uncooperative butterflies and some beautiful flowers and a rather cool eyed fly. As you can possibly see it in not an entirely normal house fly but some other species. What it is other than a fly though I have no clue. but it was quite happy to pose for me.

I also found a few other things to take photos of too.

I also found a fungi as anyone who looks at my photos on Facebook could confirm, one of the seven photos every week is a fungi. Even in the middle of a very dry spell..... oh the measures I go to....

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  1. Seven pictures a week is an awesome goal! I like that :) it seems like you've got some skill, too! :)

    1. Thanks Ashley, a new stalker is it! How did you find my blog?