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The Goanna: based on a true event

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Two beady eyes peered through the grass stems. A long forked tongue flicked. A creature, patterned like the dot drawings of the native Australians, hid in the grass. Claws moved slowly forward, the goanna, for goanna it was, silently closed the distance between himself and his prey. He knew he must be careful. If the birds spotted him they would let out raucous warning calls. 

His long body dragged through the grass, he could smell the delicious little creatures now. Watching he saw the little furry creatures rustling in the grass just ahead of him. They were his now, they would have no time to run. He lunged forward expecting to get a big mouthful of delicious fluff. 

He didn’t, something had happened; a wire fence separated him from the little fluffy creatures. Now the creatures saw him and squeaked in terror. Birds in nearby trees saw him too and started to give their various warning cries. He had to get one of those fury things quick. The goanna launched himself at the wire again and again, he could feel it give a little. He smashed into it, it must give somewhere soon. 

His plans had been foiled by the birds yet again, and the wire fence.  Now he could feel a tremor in the ground of a young human approaching with two others behind her. He had to leave quickly, humans can run fast though, so he chose the closest tree, he knew they could not climb.  Butcherbirds and magpies for once were united and swooped at him viciously. The galahs and cockatoos sent loud warning for anyone to hear who would listen.

The tree offered some safety at least. Well, until the humans started chucking sticks. At first he thought they were bad shots, then the sticks got closer. He flattened himself against the tree. All he wanted was some food, he was hungry! How was he to know that the humans ‘owned’ the fluffy creatures, and called them guineapigs?  

Then one of the sticks hit his tail and then another. He climbed further up into the top branches. deciding that maybe guinea pigs were actually not as tasty as he had heard tell.  They were as hard to get, in fact harder than he had heard. 

As soon as the Goanna assured himself that the humans were gone he crawled down the tree. The birds saw him again and their calls followed him as he made his escape. The young human came again and saw him off. The birds calmed down, and the goanna went elsewhere to find some food. 

The photos are not actually of the goanna that tried to eat Jane's G-pigs, it was a little smaller, but still a fairly big one. I took these photos a year or so ago.

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  1. Lol. :)

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