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Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold

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The rain came down as we unpacked and fell periodically during the first day and a bit. The mountains all around were shrouded in mist and we could not see their tops. I got the first three lines of the song "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold" stuck in my head but couldn't remember the rest of it, which bugged me whenever I thought of it while we were on holidays. Once we got back I looked it up.

As we drove there (which was somewhere in the mountains near tumut, which is somewhere in NSW Australia) mist covered the mountains and we drove past a hill of huge ,well normal sized (which is a big size) wind turbines. We could only see the closest one properly, the rest appeared and disappeared into the mist as we drove past. They blended with the mist, instead of standing out starkly as they usually do. This seemed to make them even more monstrous though, and it made them look as if they were coming to get us out of the mist. 

The sunlight did come though and most of they days it got quite hot when the sun was out. But the mornings were misty and cold. 

On the way back the wind turbines were very obvious and very still. I also happened to be sitting in the passenger seat so I took some photos as we drove along.

Yes the dates shall be strange as otherwise I shall have to many on the same day... and back dating things is fun so there.. you shall have to live with it!

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