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The Hump of Spikes

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I finally got a good photo after over half an hour of trying! But back to the beginning. 

I had just locked up my chooks for the night, somewhat earlier than usual, when I heard a rustling. The rustling came from out in the the paddock next to the chook yard, some galahs started screeching and I could hear the animal dragging itself along. I suspected a goanna. Obviously I was wrong. 

As soon as I saw the echidna I raced back inside to get my camera (well that is rather obvious too) and asked mummy if she wanted to come and see it. We looked at the hump of spikes in the grass for a while, and touched it, and photographed it (well I did).

As the photos of the hump of spikes are not so interesting as some others I eventually got I shall not bother putting them here. Ann was not at all interested in the hump of spikes and soon Mummy took her back inside. They were followed by one of my other sisters who had also come out to see the hump of spikes. I stood there, for ages. Well it felt like it. Finally the hump moved, it moved away. The hump of spikes grew a long nose and little black eyes, and went off surprisingly fast. 

I followed and the echidna turned back into a hump of spikes in the grass. So I took off my shoes (gumboots) so I could walk more quietly. The echidna kept going but it would only uncurl for the least possible amount of time and then lunge forwards and then resume its look of a hump of spikes, making it very difficult for me to get a photos of it when unrolled, the waning light did not help either. 

I got some photos and realized the echidna always went in a general direction that would eventually mean it would have to cross the road. Mosquitoes also came out in vast numbers... and bit me through my clothes and on my ear. At least they couldn't get to my face as I had a camera there.  

 I put my shoes back on and waited for the echidna to get to the road. Then my camera told me the battery was about to die...... I ran, and got the spare battery and ran back in time to see the echidna start crossing the road. 

Luckily there were no cars as I did have to lie on the road.... for which afterwards I was told I was mad as well as walking around in the paddock without shoes. Which is understandable but I was aware that there is tiger-pear in the paddock and cars on the road, I had no desire to get got by either so I was careful. 

Most importantly though I got my photos.

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  1. Very cool! I love the last one the best. :)


  2. I love the first and last pics! Echidnas are so cute!
    Great work!