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The Sunshine Award

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I have been nominated for the sunshine award by His Princess over at Growin' Up Country. I want to say thanks to you His Princess. It also appears that this award is called the sunflower award, the words seem interchangeable though they have entirely different meanings. Though I suppose a sunflower is like sunshine, well sorta. I would like to know what this award is for, and as I don't I shall proceed to make it up.

The sunshine award is given by bloggers to another blogger who has encouraging, inspiring, interesting, enjoyable reading or just laughter making posts that bring sunshine into their readers days. hmm does't sound to bad! The making one laugh is definitely one thing I like about a blog.

So now I shall get to the sunshine award part. 

   Here are the rules: *
1. Copy and paste the image above or make your own. (I obviously made my own! Imaging using someone else's photo! But feel free to use mine.... I just can't bring myself to use someone else's!)
2. Answer the questions your nominator has set for you.
3.Nominate your own blogger(s). 
4.Let your nominees know. 
5. Put together 11 questions for them to answer. 
6. Publish your post! 

*I did not make them up they are just the rules and rules should be followed (otherwise you may be smacked)

I don't suppose one must do it in that order..... I think working out who one should nominate would be the last thing... just before publishing the post.... well of course one would have to let them know after you decided who they were..obviously. But now here are the questions I must answer. (and their answers)

1. Who is your favorite music artist?
Chris Tomlin or Matt Redman... or the Sons of korah, yes I can count.... but maybe I shall just pretend I can't!

2. What do you like to do on your spare time?
I don't actually have a 'spare time' to do anything 'on'???
Ahh I understand, what do I do in my spare time as in when I don't have something that I must do.... Well I like reading, and doing different craft things, and of course going photo hunting (other people call this walking). I write stuff, blogs, journal entries, poems, short stories.

3. Do you have any animals?

Well I answered the question! you want more, well ok. I have one rooster... two as of the weekend, five hens, three Muscovy ducks and a turkey. My family has other pets but those listed above are my ones.

4. Skirts or pants?
Hard question... I like trousers/pants/shorts (that are not to short or tight). But I realize that skirts are more modest, I wish to be modest, for my sake and for any men/young men around me. I am beginning to like skirts more, I just find I end up jumping/runnig in them and managing to rip the stitching around the hems... skirts are sometimes impractical... This is a debate of mine, a debate with myself. 

5. What is your favorite sent?
Books and letters that arrive in the mail, well for something to come in the mail it must be sent. 

If that was supposed to mean SCENT (which of course I highly doubt *ginormous grin on face*) Then I would answer.. no idea... maybe after the rain, and with a little jasmine wafting past. 

6. What is your favorite house-hold chore?
Is mending a chore? well I enjoy that.

7. Crocheting, knitting, or sewing?
The above question sort of answered this one too. Sewing definitely!  

8. What do you like to drink in the morning (tea, coffee, ect.)?
*Moans* that horrid word coffee is written on my blog.... I don't understand other people... how they can drink that stuff! as to the question I like 'apple mango' (I think that is what it is) juice with my breakfast every morning and then water... water... water and then it is afternoon. No coffee ever *dies from the smell of it*.

9. What is your favorite name?
Name for what? human? story character? Well I'll say currently a Guy name, 'Elisha'.... no idea why I just do.

10. What is your favorite flower?
Roses are nice, I like bulbs... favourite ahh such a defining word! I do like Freesias though.

11. Favorite genre of book?
Why the word favourite! Um Fiction!..... fantasy, Adventure, Historical fiction, poetry.

Now for some questions!

1. What is your favourite book/series/author you have read this year?
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
3. Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather? 
4. What is a pastime you enjoy?
5. What colour are your eyes?
6. What sort of blog posts do you like to read?
7. What is the first song that came into your head? (and if one didn't then get one in there now!)
8. What would you do if you had $500 to spend?
9. Do you collect anything?
10. What do you eat for breakfast?
11. What is your earliest memory?

 And I must nominate someone to answer the questions!

I follow (stalk) a lot of blogs and obviously can't nominate them all... And I know that some of those I really like looking at are photography blogs, so they don't really answer questions like the above, and another I find really encouraging, interesting and funny "The Arsenal" and would like to say so, but he does not write this sort of post. So I shall just link to his blog so you can check it out if you have a mind to. But I must nominate someone! So here goes...

Emily at "Amity" I find your posts (different ones of them) interesting and amusing or funny... I suppose..

Jasmine at "Bush Maid Design" I really enjoy reading your short stories (particularly the recent one about books) and poems and most of your posts, though they are not too regular, but they are good when they come.

Zach at "Zach's Abode" I find your posts are often very amusing and do definitely brighten the day... though I have to go onto your dark and gloomy blog with green stripes zipping everywhere to read them :D Na you definitely have a great way of saying things that makes me laugh.

Raquel at "God's Daughter" Your posts are very encouraging they are also nice and short, which for post like that I like, as otherwise it feels a little like one is being preached to. Thank you for all the little reminders of living for Christ. 

Olivia at "Fresh Modesty" Your blog has proven to me that one can dress nicely and modestly... not just modestly and looking like a dag. Your awkward posts are so funny and often I can relate to them too, you have my sisters and I all laughing. 

Alice at "Alice's Blog" though to tell the truth your blog posts aren't the most interesting as I generally can only read half of them..... funnily enough I can't read Greek! But you, as my lovely, not so little sister, do brighten my day, you are like a ray of sunshine!

and I also wish to say that another blogger is a special someone in my life and that would be Sarah at "Novus Papilio" though there is not all that much point in going there as posts are very rare! But in real life she is certainly a smiling, bouncy ray of sunshine!

Well I survived that... and found something for my next awkward post.... 

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  1. Lol Clare you make me laugh! Thanks for doing this, it was fun to read. :)