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Ann In Pink

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She is just so smiley and I can't chose what photo I like the best! So that is my excuse for there being so many, and she is so cute. I actually took all the above while we were on holidays but hadn't got around to posting them yet, now I have though. She is such a good little baby and she is growing up so fast. She enjoys having the toes "eaten" by me and being tickled. If she is in a good mood we can get her laughing which is so cute. 

And people are still saying.... well saying even more often "I remember what you looked like when you were a baby and Ann looks exactly the same"..... ok..... should I be happy about that... or not.... Well at least it means I was a pretty baby.... not that I care now what I looked like then.... But I love our darling little Ann, my sweet sister.

This photo was also taken on holidays, when we did a family photo shoot, by my lovely father (Walking tripod). 

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  1. Awww, I like the last photo the best. It is such a pretty picture of you both. :)


  2. She's just precious!!! I love the last photo!