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Of Pizza and Knives

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It seems that all I have to do is cook pizzas and something interesting will happen, even if it is a broken knife, but speaking of knives brought up some interesting conversations. Back to the beginning though. I made pizzas and the boys decided they wanted theirs cut up. While attempting to cut up one of my brothers pieces, we heard a huge crack and part of the knife fell onto the table and the other crashed into the plate. It broke. Though it is a little hard to see there is metal all down the knife with a plastic cover so the metal had snapped. 

The set of cutlery that knife comes from is getting old and bits of the plastic have being falling off into peoples food recently, which is amusing if it is not you who it happens to. I would not suggest eating plastic.... it has no nutritional value and can't be digested.

Talking of knives though.... It turned out that daddy had found  a whole bin full of knives on a property that the mine nearby had bought out. (I was not there and so I may exaggerate... and make up stuff, because I can). 

We found the weaponry of an assassin who killed the lady who used to live in the house. The mine really does go to extreme measures to get what it wants. Now daddy's finger prints are on the bin and it can be plainly seen that someone moved it, the assassins may realize we have found their stash. We are in danger. They might kill us. We might all  die. Though I think it shall be a bit harder to get all of us at the same time since there are more of us.

This find could be just the excuse the mine needs to exterminate us. Why should we bother them? Because we do, we are known for complaining of the noise all their machines make at night and all through the day and especially on otherwise beautiful mornings. They don't like complaints, the only thing they do about them is offer to buy you out. Of course if they can't do that they must silence you some other way. 

I should really stop....really and that was not entirely true (exaggerate a lot.... a lot) but it could be....maybe... ok whatever.

So our dinnertime talking was quite interesting last night.... and Jane did not quite eat an entire pizza, and there were some leftovers... hmm I'm hungry.

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