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Awkward and Funny

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Umm when you just don’t know what to say.

When people are praising my photography… What do I say? I generally choose the silliest thing to say…..

When the spray can I’m using explodes and paint is spraying out some holes in the bottom…EVERYWHERE!

When I write the name of a book on my hand so I won’t forget to get it while we are at the library and so I can look it up to see where I might find it… But by the time we get there the pen has all come off my hand… and I can’t remember what the book was called.

When I write the time I have to get tea out of the oven on my hand. Later I see something on my hand and think what? What is that time there for? That is what time it is now! Then I remember… so it sorta worked.

When wearing trousers/skirt with a belt and eating a big meal. Then feeling like I really, really need to loosen the belt.

A conversation I had with my brother Samuel (5). We were walking in the paddock and I had been taking lots of photos, then I had sat on a log for a while before this conversation started.

Samuel: what is wrong with your camera? Is it broken?
Me: no
Samuel: is the battery flat?
Me: no
Samuel: what is wrong with it then?
Me: Nothing (what is wrong with you Samuel)
Samuel: Then why aren't you taking any photos?

I laughed

When painting the eves… and trying not to drip paint on my face… concentrating not making dips or getting cream paint on the blue… then my brother appears at the bottom of the ladder and starts talking to me…

When daddy tells me to stick the things around the bottom of the veranda posts up so I can paint the wood they sit around…. I took him literally and ‘sticked them up’


When you are racing to get going on time… you all finally get in the car and the battery is flat…

When you arrive somewhere far away from civilisation (slight exaggeration) and find there is not enough petrol in the car to get back.

When Samuel (5) says “Mr Google is daddy’s brain”

(someone else's experience) When intending to fill up their cup with water and instead nearly filling up their bowl of breakfast with water. Then looking around to see if anyone noticed. (which they didn't)

Sky Sickness 

Getting the shuttlecock (otherwise known as the 'thing') stuck in the racket (wacky thing) three times in a row!

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