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Welcome Jane of the Misty Mountains

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I had forgotten just how amusing starting a Google+, blog and gmail account is. Last night and this morning I helped my sweet sister Jane to start the above for herself.  We spent ages trying to think up an email that one; was not used, two; Jane liked, three; Jane would still hopefully like in a few years time, four; that other people (except our dad as it turned out) could spell, and five.... well there isn't five, but number one was the hardest to get past...

A lot of laughter and coughing (as I have a cold and laughing tends to bring on fits of coughing) happened as a result. When we got to making the url for Jane's blog I thought it would all start again, but the first one we tried worked! (At least I think it was the first). We had other dramas beforehand though.... Jane is actually a few months to young to have a G+ account..... so we had great fun faking her age and making her older than Alice (my other sister). We also got parental permission to do that first, after which we rushed off rubbing our hands with glee. 

Then daddy and mummy both started sending emails to Jane, even before I had shown her how to open gmail.... The she nearly replied to the wrong person, which would have been rather amusing. Since I spend most of today helping her start her blog I have failed to get all my school work done... which I don't like, but I won't have another chance to help Jane start a blog ever again so it is a once in a life time opportunity. Her blog is here and is still going to be changing slightly so it may not look like the screen capture for long.  

There it is, yet another blog.... which already has two posts! and they are much better than any of my first ones...much.... and I'm still getting views on them.... and now after a few of the things Jane has said I shall get even more.

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