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Awkward: Some Laughter

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Talking to myself while driving.. mummy asks if I was talking to her and I say no… mummy then says something along the lines of "just don’t talk to yourself when you have to do the test." (in May some time) I think yes I'd better not!

Having to dress up for a medieval birthday party, well it was sort of fun if hot and impractical…. 

Playing a game where one must hit a thingy over a thingy with a wacky thing. 

Playing Badminton (game mentioned above) and not being able to hit the shuttlecock to serve it…. I tried so many times…. And laughing doesn’t help. Neither does having my hair in my face. 

At the above party playing the above game and having the thingy (different than above thingy) that I was wearing on my head fall off on the one place on that part of the lawn where there happened to be a particularly wet bit of duck poo and missing the thingy I was meant to hitting with the whacking thingy anyway. 

When I am trying to serve the shuttlecock and I actually hit it… well the racket comes in contact with the shuttlecock….. the only problem is it comes in contact with the wrong end and the plastic lacy bit gets all stuck to the racket and the shuttle cock goes nowhere.

Being the birthday person… I never know where to look because for some reason most people are always looking at me. And of course there is the fact that everyone wants to talk to you and not everyone can, at least not at the same time, and I want to talk to everyone….. (no it hasn't just been my birthday but I was feeling sorry for my friend, it was her birthday.)

When I actually say something I mean and "gosh I’m actually telling someone that!" Then think "what they are going to think?"

Thanking people….. Tis often so awkward… even in writing…. And being thanked is nice! But still…

When I am pulling at something. No matter how hard I pull it won’t come, I am thinking that if I pull harder it might come, then I realize that if it does come right now I would end up on the ground…. Stupidly I do nothing about that fact and tug on the thing one more time….. Then pick myself up off the wet ground and look around hoping no one saw that. 

When lying on the ground taking photos of things and people give me really strange looks.

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