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Sky Sickness and Shuttlecocks

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I am now going to tell you all about the disease 'sky sickness'. First I shall start with the symptoms.

Laughter, now don't get frightened this is also a good thing but it is also the start of sky sickness.

Loss of hand eye coordination, though some who never had it in the first place can sometimes get worse (if that is possible). 

Stumbling over air, things are starting to get serious.

Feeling dizzy, you may just have sky sickness.

Laughter that has turned to crying.

Falling over, and lying on the ground.

Whacking the wrong 'thing', don't whack cameras or photographers as neither of them like that (though it is understandable it you have the disease.

If you are doing all these things then there is a very high possibility you have contacted Sky Sickness. I am so knowledgeable in this area as I along with a cousin of mine discovered this disease. As we both contacted it... multiple times. As you can see in the above two photos my cousin is rather far into the symptoms.  

The best way to avoid the disease is to always look at the ground and to never play anything resembling badminton... if you are playing badminton properly then you will probably be alright. Though I can't guarantee that. Sky Sickness usually begins when one is looking up at the sky and particularly if you are trying to watch something and get to that something that is flying through the sky. 

The worst thing about the disease is that once you get it there is no way to stop looking at the sky unless it gets too dark to see it or some outsider calls you in to eat lunch or make tea. So you will probably keep playing and getting more and more Sky Sick. Studies are not yet advanced enough to tell what could happen to you if nothing interrupts you looking at the sky.

Ways to avoid the disease.

Don't play with a 'thing', though that is a rather extreme measure.

Have something to whack the 'thing' over, that is preferably higher than your head, and not a barbed wire and electric fence.

Don't try and see just how many times you can whack the 'thing' before it whacks into the ground. If you do, don't get up to twenty something... that only makes the disease worse.

Don't get the 'thing' stuck in the 'wacky thing', especially multiple times in a row.

Don't keep missing, when you try hit the 'thing'.

Don't do a really huge whack and then miss, because that is bound to cause more laughter.

And don't ever laugh, as that is the first symptom of the disease. 

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  1. Lol, I think I've had Sky Sickness more than once before. :)