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This is a post about phobias, ones that I have. If you disagree that they exist then I disagree with you, if Shakespeare can make up words why can't I? I have made them so therefore they now exist!

I have nullabiblio (nulla-biblio) phobia. This means I have a phobia of being without books. Or the other word I could use would be i'm a bibliophile; a lover of books. I like to smell them, look at them and read and read them and read them! I am always finding new books to read, new series, new authors. I also collect books.... I only have three bookshelves of them.

I am also possible susceptible to nullalucemcaptis (nulla-lucem-captis). Which is having nothing to capture light with... meaning having no camera....This is something I'm terrified of. I don't know if I could survive with no camera and I don't mean to find out! What if I did just drop dead!

My camera comes everywhere, photo courtesy of my sister Alice

Then there is nullastyluscripturuscharta (nulla-stylus-scripturus-charta) What a long word! The definition of this word would be along the lines of having no pen or paper to write stuff on. This is a dreadful state of affairs. Especially if I have an idea... for anything, particularly a story or poem. As if it is not written down it seems to get forgotten.

The thing that actually inspired this post is bandaidwrappedaroundfingerphobia! Now that is a long word and it is not at all Latin or Greek. It is the fear of wrapping a band-aid all the way around your finger. This is something I can't stand, I just can't wrap a band-aid all the way around my finger. It could have something to do with being afraid that my finger might fall off if I do... though i don't truly believe it would... at all. Still I just can't cope with having a band-aid all the way around my finger... I scares me

I also have ostium apertum phobia. which is the fear of an open door... especially if I have just escaped inside from tormenting wasps or being tormented by march flies or mozzies. (now having a debate of whether or not a mosquito can be called a mozzie and if it then should be spelled mossie or not, and if mossie or mozzie is the aussie way.... or if it souuld be spelled mausie... which does look rather bad.)

Then there is mozziephobia... related to above phobia it is also related to, Acarophobia; Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching. Especially of the mosquito happens to bite me on the face! that is just not fair, being bitten is one thing but biting me on the fact while I'm trying to catch a chook with my hands... that is just horrid..... maybe it is more mozziehatea. Horrid little blood suckers.

But still I continue, Technophobia is the wrong word as I like a lot of technology. It is just i-technophobia I have a phobia which I got from my father of i-technology. Well I don't actually fear it, i just don't think it is so necessary and I pretend to fear it... I just wont tell anyone that. I have two i-balls in my head that is enough! besides i-phones actually say they have cameras on them... that is a lie well at least on a lot of i-thingys the things that are like cameras and take things like photos are horrid... not real photos or cameras at all!

Snakephobia is obviously one. Then maybe that is similar to mozziephobia, meaning I want to squish the snakes... well I want them to be squished.

Daddyfingerphobia or as daddy argues pokephobia. Is also something that can make me squirm.... like now!

Dentophobia; the fear of dentists, is not a word made up by me. But I agree that dentists are very scary...very...

And now I shall put up a list of some phobias that I found on the internet that I thought were funny. Or applied to me.... some of the funny ones definitely do not....

Alektorophobia - Fear of chickens.
Ambulophobia - Fear of walking.
Anthophobia - Fear of flowers.
Arachibutyrophobia - Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.
Automatonophobia - Fear of ventriloquist's dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues-anything that falsely represents a sentient being.
Barophobia - Fear of gravity.
Cathisophobia - Fear of sitting.
Chromophobia - Fear of colours.
Decidophobia - Fear of making decisions.
Didaskaleinophobia - Fear of going to school.
Gephydrophobia - Fear of crossing bridges.
Graphophobia - Fear of writing or handwritting.
Macrophobia - Fear of long waits.
Melissophobia - Fear of bees.
Mysophobia - Fear of germs or contamination or dirt.
Myxophobia - Fear of slime.
Opthalmophobia - Fear of being stared at.
Panophobia - Fear of everything.
Phobophobia - Fear of phobias.
Xerophobia - Fear of dryness.

I really wonder if someone like me made some of those up or if they actually exist! like this one.... but if I Google it apparently it is!

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - Fear of long words.

There seem to also be lots of different phobia words that have the  same meaning... Now I just must memorise them, so I can use them... they could come in handy especially that one about bridges. Except that there is a very low chance that I shall remember them... O well, writing this and finding them was very enjoyable.

Note: I got the code to work! Thanks Zach. I stole the idea from him which he used in this post. The code meaning that when one hovers the mouse over the list of phobias some more words pop up. Which I think is rather cool.

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  1. Good Job getting it to work!

    Anyway, I don't fear dry food. I just don't like it much.

    Also, I'll just go out on a limb here and say Myxophobia is possibly due to Mysophobia (guessing the here. One letter differences make them seem related), which could be due to Emetophobia? Which in turn might be because of Thanatophobia.... Possibly. *shrugs*

    1. Emetophobia (fear of being sick)... yes but Thanatophobia (fear of being dead) is not my problem. It is more the not being able to do anything while being sick, and of course feeling sick, which for some reason is never very nice!

  2. Lol who knew you could have a fear of chickens or flowers or even have a fear of phobias! :)


  3. A friend and I had a competition on who could come up with the longest words... it was good fun! I think it's good for the brain ;) Nice post Clare. (We were sesquipedalians)

    1. Thanks cjr. I did have a lot of fun writing this, long words are rather interesting.