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Blue Bird: aka Gandalf

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Blue Bird is actually an araucana rooster! Unlike Aragorn. I got Blue Bird from my uncle and aunt who live on a farm, he was meant to be a she, but turned out to love crowing... so now my roosters are having crowing competition even as I write this. 

They are in different yards so they don't fight.  It was quite a rush to finish the pen in time but I did... though it involved getting rather wet, as it insisted on raining. Here are some photos of Blue Bird as he was called when he was still a she and as I have been calling him. My sister Jane thinks he could also be called Gandalf though, as he had big bushy eyebrows!

Blue bird
And Aragorn

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  1. He does look like Gandolf. :)


  2. Congratulations Clare! You won the recipe. Send me an email and I will send you your recipe! :)