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Jumping Chickens

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This morning my week old chickens that I got a few days ago found that fly/jumping out of their box is easy.  I put them back in.  I went to check on them before church and one had just got out. I put her (I hope) back in and we went to church.

Upon returning home a few hours later I went nearly straight to the laundry. The four chickens were huddled together in the middle of the floor. The cloths that had been covering their box were in the box and chicken droppings covered the floor around the box. 

I placed the chickens back into the box and took them outside, they started trying to jump out again. Then I put them in a round wire cage with some food and water. They drank a bit of the water and tipped out the rest. So I filled up the lid I had joined (with glue) onto a larger piece of cardboard, and put that in there. Then I found a rock and bluetacked it to the other lid. they seem to be working. 

I think it is amazing how chickens can do everything without a mother to teach them. They know how to eat, drink, scratch, chase bugs, clean themselves and probably other stuff too. They also know how to be very cute. 

Sarah it appears your comment didn't work.
And another thing I know a really good joke, it is just down there ↓
 You strained your eyes to got to all the trouble of reading this! well its sorta a joke anyway. especially since I had so much trouble making the silly thing work (so it would be hard to see).

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  1. Your little 'joke' at the end is not that hard to see, and if it was, all one has to do select it.

    What I suggest is 'Print Screening' your blog, pasting it into Photoshop or something, and using the Color picker to pick the color. Then you should be able to find out what its hex color code is.

    Theoretically that is. I haven't tried it. But I should be close!

    1. Hmm yes selecting it does make it rather obvious, I had hoped people wouldn't think of doing that, o well. I had another colour but I couldn't read that at all, so I changed it.