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It Stands For?

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The other day I was wondering what does R.I.P stood for?  I just couldn’t remember. While trying to remember I thought of some things it could stand for. 

Rip is to tear something quickly away from another thing. So maybe R.I.P should be written as Rip as in this dead person (or animal) was taken quickly away from me. So It should be used when someone died quickly or unexpectedly. R.I.P could stand for Really Important Person, but then most people are important to someone. Or it could mean that the person was blown up and are now Resting In Pieces. Not a nice picture but I don’t think that R.I.P on grave stones and such looks very nice either. Maybe it is asking Rabbits to Inspect it Please. Or that the person died from Really Intense Peperoni or the Rotten Ice Poison. The last of those can be caught when drinking Ice that had got to hot and melted, or if you come in contact with Dihydrogen monoxide. Speaking of Dihydrogen monoxide, did you know it makes up a huge content of acid rain and causes nearly all of the erosion on earth; it is also used in many pesticides, and is an ingredient in lots of foods. (I learnt all that in my science the other week). 

 R.I.P could be telling us that the person died during the Radioactive Inhalation Project, which would also show that they were not at all smart if they were taking part in it. Really Idiotic Intelligent Professor would work too. There is also the option that they could have consumed a Reeking Inbred Pumpkin. Pumpkins must be purebred and not smelly, preferably made into soup.  R.I.P is also the initials of Red Ink People, they are the ones who carry those horrid red pens around and scribble at all your spelling/maths/other mistakes.  Rug Inspection Personnel is another. There are so many others too like; Republic Iron Powers, don’t mess with them, but by the time it is written on their graves they are rather dead and no longer dangerous. Dead men don’t bight, right? So the saying goes, but why does it specify MEN. What about the women maybe they are not as dead as the men? Dead men don’t bite, but maybe dead women do! 

Well all that was rather crazy, but fun. If you didn’t know Dihydrogen monoxide has some other names like H2O or Water. And hopefully you also know that this was just meant to be funny and well came totally from my head. Tis amazing what strange things are in there. One last one, Maybe R.I.P is reminding us that one day the one who was Raised In Power will come and Resurrect Into Perfection all those who gave their life to him, And we will be Restored Into Paradise, redeemed and perfected.

Or maybe just maybe R.I.P could stand for Rest In Peace, but that is a rather boring definition isn’t it?

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