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What a lovely day today praise God! This morning so many birds were calling to one another I could hardly tell what they all were. Jane and I got up and after reading our bibles, went outside. The air was so lovely and cool. We tried (eventually successfully) to catch two of the guinea-pigs (Jane found it amusing when I got stuck in the cage) and did a bit of weeding in the vegy garden. Then I thought it would be a great idea to juice some oranges so we could have fresh orange juice with our breakfast! 

So we spent the next hour picking, cutting and juicing oranges. One of my brothers wanted to know why we were grinding up the oranges, then when my other brother finally got up he came in asking what the grinding noise was. 

Some people seem to think Saturdays are for sleeping in on?????  Why anyone would waste such a beautiful day sleeping is beyond me. So it was after eight when we finally had breakfast, but if we had had breakfast early we probably wouldn't have come up with the idea of orange juice, YUM!

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