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Rough Draft Done!

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I DID IT! I have finished my story Well only the “rough draft” but it’s done......Now for the dreaded editing.....which I am sooo looking forward too. But I finished it and Have come up with a name that I actually like. I had ‘Callie’ but it sounds rather boring, then ‘Poison in the Creek’ which is ok, Then I thought of ‘The Arch of the sky’ or something like that, I don’t exactly remember but mostly it just sounded interesting and had nothing to do with the story. I have been calling it ‘A story to be’ but today I came up with a good title. Well I hope it is good.....Drum roll....... Spatterings of Ash. Does it sound interesting? I told it to my mum and straight away she wanted to know if Spatterings is a word (even if Blogger doesn't think so, but then Blogger doesn't think Blogger is a word or that blog is a word). It is....and it’s a cool least I think it is. Also ‘Spatterings of Ash’ are the last three words in the book. It is currently over 24,000 words. I am happy.... At least happy about what I have achieved....I still have much work to do on it. Especially knowing how bad my punctuation is. Spell checker is so useful. Editing and editing comes next.

Quick Computer Sketch

Me at the computer after finishing ‘Rough Draft’ of my story. No I don’t really look much like that....but anyway.

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