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What Happens While I Wait in the Car Park.

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Shopping trolleys are quite an interesting subject.  I have been studying them today and those who wield them, while waiting for the rest of my family to return from Coles. Woolworths seems to have some things we need and Coles others... anyway back to the trolleys.  I emptied our trolley and went towards the closest trolley bay  (they often seem to be a long way off) The trolleys had nearly filled the bay but I decided to just shove it in. I didn’t. I went over a speed hump and closer to the bay, and then the trolley decided it wouldn’t go in and scooted sideways. They seem to have minds of their own. The parking lot next to the bay already had a few other trolleys in it so I let go of my trolley. It started a chain reaction. First crashing into another trolley which then crashed into another and another sending them to the back of the parking lot and tipping one over..... I inspected the parking lot. It sloped down quite a bit which was why they had rolled like that. (The parking lot backed onto a wall.) 

So then I decided to get one of the other trolleys that were standing everywhere.  The little ones with only about half a basket were much more manageable.  But they went rolling down too. I could get smaller ones into the trolley bay. I watched other people  putting trolleys in too. Most just give it a bit of a push and leave (if they even get as far as the trolley return.) The push makes the trolleys crash even harder. One very nearly crashed into the car next to them.  So I tried the same thing and it would have crashed into the car except I was standing there.  Sadly everyone else turned up and my experimentation came to a closure. So what if some people had looked at me “what do you think you are doing” “Teenagers” I was putting the trolleys back!

Mental note: Don’t park car too close to trolley return. Anyway then what I said before about trolley returns being a long way off would be wrong....Wait that/this is not a mental note.... I wrote it down. Tis a note.

Well I was talking about trolleys... They are an interesting species and come in many shapes, colours and sizes. One of their favourite pass times is escaping and getting in the way. How do I know? Easy, how many times have you finally found a car park only to discover that there is a trolley standing there grinning.  Maybe you went someplace else or had to get out and move it, yet again.  Trolley natural habitat is meant to be super markets/shopping centres but I have seen them in a lot of other places. I remember the one I tripped over down at the river once, and the ones that lie along next to the bike path near the high way, and the ones that seem to have wandered off along the road. The distance they can travel is amazing!

Legend  tells (or grandparents) of the trolley that walk up long trails in the bush only to fall off the edge of cliffs. Sometimes they make their way back up a little but then next time they have slipped back down. Also there are others that lurk in bushes and creeks by the side of the road, venturing out at night, to murder and pillage. (well maybe not, but it sounds cool)

They also seem to multiply
or act as magnets.....

Their feet/wheels are nasty. They limp along and then suddenly swing from side to side. Trolleys are the terrors of shopping isles. They strike out at the worst times and sometimes when they get really full they decide they are tired... Also there are those stories of when on escalators the wheels just don’t lock. On some days every trolley seems to disappear. If there are some, they are either full of rubbish, soaking, burning hot, or the wheels are just so crazy the trolley goes in all directions at once. 

I will leave with a warning:
When heavily loaded these things can become lethal weapons and potential killers .....

 Aged people are especially at risk. 

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  1. You seemed to of failed to mention (if you did, sorry...), when tamed, and under control, the Trolley is an important beast of burden for many a shopping expedition.

    While it is unwieldy, and while some may attempt for freedom (often crashing into a aisle), a Trolley's brute strength, and all round sturdiness, will often outweigh the more temperament shopping basket, which a completely separate beast all together.

    1. Yes I did not write about that. I was trying to show just how evil these creatures are....... or something like that. I have not seen the nasty side of hand shopping baskets, but those small blue ones with wheels are quite as evil as the big ones (especially if ones little brothers/siblings happen to be out of control of them)...But that will have to wait for another post.