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Words are very useful. Words are very annoying. Words make you feel good. Word cause deep wounds. Words stir thought and feelings. Words are one of the most boring things. Words are so interesting. All these are true statements. Words can be used for all of these things, and many more. 

Words are useful for communicating and expressing feelings. Words are dangerous. They can also be so easily misinterpreted. One word can mean so many different things. If you are not even sure what you mean, then your words are more likely to be misinterpreted into something you know you didn’t mean but then at least you know that was not what you meant! Even the meaning of some words is not completely clear. Well there might be a definition but people are not dictionaries so can misuse words. There are some things that don’t even have their own word so we use the closest word or a few different words, that is the best we can do. 

Words can do so much to heal and if used carelessly to hurt. Hurt with words can be deliberate too. Without words we would find communicating much more difficult. Words in different orders make different sentences. And all these are made from twenty six different letters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz clever or what? 

Words are so fascinating, they can be made into sentences, paragraphs, chapters and stories. Intriguing tales are told with them. Also you can sit for hours trying to find the right words for a report. Hours more are spent creating stories that can transport the reader to another world. Even a small book can be big enough to build that bridge between worlds. A bridge built with words. 

What is the point of this post.. Um nothing? I don’t know just something I wrote.... With words. Sometimes words want to be read. Tis similar to another post I once did, but not the same. (wouldn’t b much point if it was) I find words fascinating and thinking about them interesting. I suppose I get a bit carried away sometimes, but words are pretty cool. Well I think so anyway. 

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