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MY BLOG IS DOING WEIRD STUFF! It only has two post on the front page!!!! AHHH I can make it have only one I can try to make it have 20  or 100 but it only shows up two..... Why I haven’t even been playing with it today!!! Maybe if I do this post it will work.... or maybe not......if it does I will probably deleted this post but if it doesn’t..... Why are you doing this to me Blogger!!!!

EDIT: It didn’t work :( How dare it not work !!!!!! The other posts are there but they won’t show up.... 

All the other pages work.... I can click older posts....

EDIT: Actually it now has three....

Edit: if I did another post it would probably have four...but it is meant to have fifteen. Even my dashboard is playing up and won't show any stats.

Edit: another thing I just realized. Blogger isn’t tracking my page views anymore.. ... But if to not track my page views it has to kill my blog.... Well I’d rather have it track them.

Edit: NOOOO I added another post.... Deleted it.... and now I have only two posts on the home page again.....

 Edit: Conversation shouted from me to Alice (vice versa) each at a computer in different rooms.

“The problem with waiting is I don’t know that it will work.”
“You haven’t tried yet.”
“Ok how long is waiting for.”
“Until it is fixed.”
“Things don’t necessarily fix themselves.”
“Well it got itself in the problem.”

“Well if you get yourself into a hole you can’t necessarily get yourself out without any help.”

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  1. Maybe I should not have told you that... It might fix its self if you just wait.
    Anyway the other option is to just do more posts...

    1. Yes maybe not but you did..... doing more posts might not work.....There must be some way to fix it...

  2. Curses. I appear to be late to this... I would like to mention that your blog hasn't been updating in the Blog list (for my blog at least. Side note; Alice, yours appears to be working right now with regards to that. Actually, its been working for a while).

    I seem to be so late that all I get to say is that your blogs seems to be working...

    1. Yes I finally got it working this morning. It wouldn't have got better.Waiting didn't work. (told you so Alice) The problem had something to do with the fact that I copy paste posts from word documents, and when I do that there can be html codes that do not work with Blogger. Hence my problem, which is now fixed....Yay