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Actually this has nothing to do with computers, but it does have something to do with something small (micro) and fluffy (soft). Well there are four somethings. I suppose I should start at the beginning of today though.

No I’ll tell you. I got four chickens today! But back to the beginning. 
Last night I remembered that I did possibly have some chicken food left. So this morning I went to look for it. I found the bucket and remembered that I did have two sorts of chicken feed in there one sort was in a bag in the ice-cream container - very luckily as it turned out.

On opening the lid I got a surprise to see that the bag, well there wasn’t a bag. The bag had totally disintegrated into tiny flakes of yellow plastic. It took my sister and I quite a while to get most of it out. 

My next mission was to find a box for the chickens to live in. This proved difficult as we were already short on boxes. (we needed a few to put all our show entries in). I found a shallow box and duck taped the lid into taller sides. 

Next to drive to Newcastle, for my brother’s  doctor appointments. So much traffic, so many roundabouts. They scare me, well the huge, multi laned, many exit ones do. Especially since the time I accidentally changed lanes and heaps of people honked at me and then I had to go off the wrong exit, because I had changed. At least I think that is what happened. 

It took ages to find a car park, when I did it was a very narrow one, but I didn’t scrape the car on one side or the concrete post thing on the other. Note: when parking pay close attention to which pedal you have your foot on, don’t accelerate instead of breaking, that could cause something to break. 

We waited for about 45 minutes for the doctor then it was time for the second appointment. So we went to it instead and then came back to wait. I read a book a bit and wrote most of this, and waited. The appointment had meant to have been at 11:15 but became one something. We were only in there for a very short time, especially compared to how long we had waited for. 

Afterwards I drove us to the park, a park, after driving past it and looping back through a big roundabout. I walked along a storm water drain and took photos and later climbed into a nice, comfortable tree with my sisters. Then we headed home via Kurri Kurri. 

Daddy, who has recently betrayed the whole family by getting an i device thing (iPhone), put on some direction thing that started to drive me crazy. Then we got to the lady’s place who we were buying the chickens from.  She had one Araucana chicken left, one Speckled Sussex and a few Australorps. I got the Araucana named Aragana, the Speckled Sussex named Brown Sugar, and two Australorps named Pipi and (one of my favourite names) Microsoft! 

And here they are, four, one week old chickens. 


O and Sarah I beat you, in doing a post about chickens. Not that it was so likely that you would do your post first (but you did get your chickens last Saturday)... if you ever do it.... I will wait for it until you do...please don't keep me waiting forever :D

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  1. That.... that was a rather deceptive play on words (word?)....

    Aside from that, I sympathize with anything to do with waiting at a Doctors. And driving to Newcastle sounds horrifying...

    Aside from that again, I find the 'recently betrayed' line funny.

    And, per tradition of ... not long, I would suggest checking the spelling of Saturday in your little note to Sarah