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The Toy Trucks

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Pandemonium reigned! Joshua unwrapped one of his presents. What a lovely car... actually what a lovely bulldozer, and it has a remote control. Samuel runs off to get the two remote controlled car/vehicle/machine things he got for his birthday. Joshua is making his go around but Samuel's wont go... Switched Samuel's on and they went... They went crazy. All three cars went crazy. Joshua’s control controlled all of them. Noise, of the cars crashing into everything wheels turning, wheels spinning, revving. We then took them onto the hard floor and Jane tried to make them crash into people, she got close to me once but then Daddy pointed his remote at Jane’s digger and it went the opposite way. Then Jane decided I had to have a go too, so I did, and I eventually got her. The noise kept going for ages so I disappeared for a while to somewhere less noisy.

Later we had a piñata, a dinosaur. With one whack from each boy it became headless. After that the boys both got sticks and I had the short but fat, cylindrical and strong piece of wood we had used for the piñata. The war began and the boys beset upon me from both sides. I had to be careful of Joshua his stick reached, only as long as his arm (except for when he used the broom) and he swung it from side to side, he could also move it quickly. Whereas Samuel had a long unwieldy stick and he swung it up and kept bringing it crashing straight down towards me, Dangerous if you are not looking, but I watched him warily. These strokes could be easily blocked, especially if his stick became entangled in the washing line. He threatened to throw a brick at me too but I just ran away from him and he couldn’t get near, especially with the brick. So he dropped that idea, literally. Samuel said he would blunten my sword, but then I told him I had a cudgel not a sword. The problem then was that Samuel didn’t know what a cudgel was. I only got wounded once when Daddy joined in and helped the boys charge at me with a toy car (one you sit in) and my finger got jammed in the confusion. The boys had fun. Except that they never got me and were occasionally tapped (gently) on the side when I could get close enough. 

Careful I am armed and dangerous. Was going to whack Alice for taking photos of me doing silly things. I didn't though. 

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  1. So in other words, fun and mayhem? Oh, and you misspelled bringing as brining

    1. Yes... And mummy found even more mistakes than that... But now I have used my magic dust to make them go away.

    2. Meh... You admitted it... After I went to all the trouble of making sure I had some proof (a screenshot)(this time round) to bring up *sigh*