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The Hat

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We Have Holidays this week! No school work.  So today I did a bit of sewing. (If you think sewing is boring then you have my permission to skip this paragraph, the other ones are more interesting) I tried and succeeded in make a hat, well sort of. It ended up being rather tight on me, and fit Jane better. I used the denim from some old jeans and a strip of brightly coloured material. I cut out an oval, a strip and two semicircles. Somehow I worked out some way to sew them all together, and volla a hat..... I didn’t have any pattern, and the hat didn’t exactly do as it was told, but then hats have no ears.... It looks pretty good though. I also gave advice to Alice on how to make a skirt. It must have been good advice because she took it (I think) and the skirt seems to have come out nicely.

One rather interesting thing that happened in the making was when Jane sat on my container of pins and didn’t even notice... I also lost a needle in my bed, which is why I am not going to bed tonight. (Actually I found the needle a little while after losing it, without even sitting on it! and I am planning on going to bed.) 

I also read some books today. Well I only finished one. Before that I had been getting some photos ready so I can enter them in the Singleton Show.

I wanted some photos of someone reading a book. But I had no models handy, so I had to use the tripod. The main problem is that mummy watched me the whole time and that made me laugh. I had to set up the camera, put the self-timer on run around the lounges, sit down and look like I had been sitting reading for a while. Also I had to not look at the camera out of the corner of my eye, or be giggling too much..... Then I had to get up again, change any settings on the camera, remember to put the self-timer on, press the button and then repeat the process all over again. Some of the photos didn’t work so I kept doing it..... I did eventually get some I liked.

It's really hard to look casual when you have actually been jumping up and down and running across the room every ten seconds.

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  1. Two things.
    Firstly, regarding Jane sitting on pins
    *Clears throat*
    HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU SURVIVE THAT? Ahem... Honest question though.

    Secondly, You seem to be pulling off the 'casual act' pretty well.

    1. The crazy thing is that Jane never noticed she had sat on all the pins.... It was Alice who saw her getting up off them. Luckily the pins must have all been lying flat.... Although it could have been funny... if they hadn't.

      Yes that photo was probably the best, which is why it is the one I put on.