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Bookshelf Wallpaper

By 15:26:00

I had a bit of fun mucking around with this, I used Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, two photos I took and a bit of imagination. Also I suppose I got the original idea from Zicmak’s bookshelves. Mine are rather different though, and not entirely empty.

A longer one for those with longer screens....... If you want to use it

A smaller one.......that I used

What it looked like when I used it

Since we have two family computers and one laptop the wallpapers could be a controversial issue. But they aren’t really, my sisters like the wallpapers from the KBR (So do I, but I want to use one’s I make.) I mostly only use one computer though, so I chose the wallpapers for that one and my sisters the other one, which seems to work. The boys are not old enough to care yet.... Could be a problem if they do.

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  1. Word and PowerPoint? *claps*

    Although, the angle on the top right corner of the bookshelf seems a little off.

    1. So it does... *Goes off to fix it*